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Hygroregelbare Abluftöffnungen

Hygroregulated vents are located in the most humid rooms of your home, such as the kitchen, toilets, and bathroom. They are equipped with a humidity sensor that adjusts the opening and closing of the damper, thereby regulating the extraction flow of stale air based on the humidity level in the room. France Ventilation offers hygroregulated vents from brands such as Aldes and Anjos.


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Ref. VB384
49,50 MwSt.
Ref. VB376
69,00 MwSt.
Ref. VB374
36,00 MwSt.
Ref. VB366
96,00 MwSt.
Ref. VB355
72,00 MwSt.
Ref. VB353
36,00 MwSt.
Ref. VBP209
54,00 MwSt.
Ref. VBP220
55,20 MwSt.
Ref. VB891
103,50 MwSt.
Ref. VB905
72,60 MwSt.
Ref. VB889
103,50 MwSt.
Ref. VB888
103,50 MwSt.
Ref. VB887
58,50 MwSt.
Ref. VB886
58,50 MwSt.
Ref. VB884
103,50 MwSt.
Ref. VB881
103,50 MwSt.
Ref. VB877
58,50 MwSt.
Ref. VB878
58,50 MwSt.
Ref. VB879
58,50 MwSt.
Ref. VB880
105,00 MwSt.
Ref. VB819
36,00 MwSt.
Ref. VB428
66,00 MwSt.
Ref. VB433
36,00 MwSt.
Ref. VB434
72,00 MwSt.