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Kitchen hoods

Kitchen hoods are essential for extracting cooking odors, vapors, and smoke laden with grease particles. A hood helps ventilate the room while also capturing grease particles, removing cooking odors, and filtering out moisture and smoke to maintain a healthy kitchen environment. Explore the range of semi-professional stainless steel hoods from Unelvent available on France Ventilation.


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Kitchen hoods

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Ref. VH165
2327,70 incl tax
Ref. VH164
2219,10 incl tax
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1938,00 incl tax
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282,00 incl tax
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186,00 incl tax
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323,70 incl tax
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Hotte casquette couleur blanche motorisée , largeur 60 cm, 230 m3/h, 3 vitesses, filtre métallique
Ref. VH162
Original price was: 194,10€ incl tax.Current price is: 161,10€ incl tax.
Ref. P_VH055
36,00 incl tax