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Single-flow mechanical ventilation

Mechanical Controlled Ventilation (MCV) with single airflow is currently the most commonly used VMC system in France. It significantly improves air renewal in the home while reducing energy consumption. France Ventilation offers self-regulating single-flow VMC systems and hygro-regulated single-flow VMC systems.


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Single-flow mechanical ventilation

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single flow self-regulating KHEO 3, NATHER 999201
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Alinéo 3 extra-flat self-sufficient single-stream ventilation, NATHER 549999
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DECO2 self-adjusting ventilation kit. 1 flat extract unit + Ø 125 kitchen spigot and 2 flat extract units + Ø80 sanitary spigots
Ref. VG221
Original price was: 201,00€ incl tax.Current price is: 84,00€ incl tax.
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S&P Unelvent - DECO DHU single flow ventilation kit with humidity sensor. 1 extract unit + Ø125 kitchen sleeve and 2 extract units + Ø80 bathroom sleeves.
Ref. VG020
Original price was: 204,00€ incl tax.Current price is: 144,00€ incl tax.
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OCTEO AUTO DHU single flow ventilation with humidity sensors, up to 6 bathrooms, 5-year warranty - UNELVENT 607300
Ref. VG292
Original price was: 435,90€ incl tax.Current price is: 285,90€ incl tax.
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OCTEO AUTO DHU single flow ventilation kit with thermo-hygrometric probes, up to 6 bathrooms, 5-year guarantee - UNELVENT 607311
Ref. VG295
Original price was: 486,90€ incl tax.Current price is: 303,00€ incl tax.
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Kit VMC simple flux Autoréglable Radio OCTEO SERENITE ECOWATT RD with Indoor Air Quality sensors, from 7.3 WThC, up to 6 bathrooms, 5-year warranty - UNELVENT 607411
Ref. VG298
Original price was: 1201,50€ incl tax.Current price is: 807,00€ incl tax.
Ref. VG242
114,00 incl tax
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ALDES-EasyHOME AUTO extract unit, single unit for self-regulating single flow ventilation 11026031
Ref. VG200
Original price was: 147,00€ incl tax.Current price is: 91,20€ incl tax.
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Until 08/06/2024
ALDES-KIT EasyHOME AUTO ColorLINE,Single flow self-regulating ventilation system . extract unit + 1 kitchen extract unit Ø125 ColorLINE and 2 sanitary extract units Ø80 ColorLINE.11026033
Ref. VG202
Original price was: 160,80€ incl tax.Current price is: 90,00€ incl tax.
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ALDES-Groupe EasyHOME AUTO COMPACT - Self-adjusting single flow ventilation - extra-flat extraction unit.
Ref. VG216
Original price was: 223,20€ incl tax.Current price is: 183,00€ incl tax.
Ref. VG201
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Ref. VG258
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Ref. VG245
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Ref. VG237
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Ref. VG236
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Modulo 2 BC humidity sensitive single flow ventilation with low energy consumption, NATHER 990578
Ref. VG301
Original price was: 318,00€ incl tax.Current price is: 209,40€ incl tax.
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HYDRA ST 2 humidity sensitive single flow CMV kit, T1-T7 housing with battery powered extract unit kit, 5 year warranty, Unelvent 604011
Ref. VGP181
Original price was: 349,20€ incl tax.Current price is: 219,00€ incl tax.
Ref. VGP175
288,00 incl tax
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Modulo 2 BC humidity sensitive single flow ventilation with low energy consumption, T3-T7 dwelling with battery-operated extract unit kit, NATHER 990581
Ref. VGP177
Original price was: 487,50€ incl tax.Current price is: 285,00€ incl tax.
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Single Flow Humidity Controlled MODULO 2 R-Control 2V very low energy consumption, NATHER 551950
Ref. VG302
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Infinity BC humidity sensitive single flow ventilation Ultra quiet, NATHER 990579
Ref. VG303
Original price was: 393,00€ incl tax.Current price is: 171,00€ incl tax.
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Infinity humidity sensitive single flow ventilation, very low consumption, ultra quiet, NATHER 549353
Ref. VG306
Original price was: 426,00€ incl tax.Current price is: 267,90€ incl tax.

How does a single-flow mechanical ventilation system work?

A single-flow mechanical ventilation system works by extracting stale air from the humid rooms of the dwelling (bathroom, toilet, kitchen) and bringing in fresh air from the outside into the living areas (living room, bedroom, etc.). The air inlets are placed in the living areas, while the air outlets are installed in the humid rooms. Within this category, we differentiate between the self-regulating single-flow ventilation system and the humidity-controlled single-flow ventilation system.

What is self-regulating mechanical ventilation ?

The operation of self-regulating mechanical ventilation (VMC autoréglable) is simple. Its system involves extracting stale air from the humid rooms and expelling it outside through the air outlets. This VMC system operates with a constant airflow rate that is pre-set and does not take into account the humidity level of the room.

What is hygro-regulated mechanical ventilation ?

Hygro-regulated mechanical ventilation (VMC hygroréglable) has the advantage of adjusting the incoming and outgoing airflows according to the needs of the dwelling. A humidity sensor allows the airflow to adapt based on the humidity level in the room. This system provides better air renewal in the living space and is also more energy-efficient. Hygro-regulated ventilation is suitable for both new and renovated homes.

In this category, we distinguish between hygro A VMCs and hygro B VMCs.

Hygro A hygro-regulated mechanical ventilation

Type A VMC (hygroréglable) provides variable air flow based on the humidity level in the room. For this purpose, it is equipped with hygro-regulated air vents. However, when it comes to air inlets, they remain fixed with a constant air flow.

Hygro B hygro-regulated mechanical ventilation

The hygro B VMC also features hygro-regulated extraction vents, which adjust the air flow based on the humidity level in the room. The difference between these two types of VMC lies in the air inlets. In a hygro B VMC, the air inlets are also hygro-regulated. This means that the incoming air flow adapts to the occupants of the house and their needs. As a result, there is better control of humidity levels and improved air renewal. This model also provides enhanced thermal comfort.

How to maintain a single-flow ventilation system ?

A high-performance mechanical ventilation system should be properly maintained to ensure better indoor air quality in the living space. Regular cleaning of the single-flow ventilation system ensures hygiene, health, and efficiency.

A thorough cleaning of your ventilation system should be done once a year to maintain its effectiveness throughout the year. The most suitable period is in spring, after the winter season when the VMC is typically running intensively. However, it is still recommended to have professional maintenance performed every 3 years.