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Do you have any questions? Check out France Ventilation’s FAQ!


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Adress : 275, rue de l’Ormière (Direction Montastruc), 31380 GARIDECH

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How to get to the store?

Our store is located in Garidech, near Toulouse. You can come and purchase a product or pick up an order directly in-store, benefiting from the same prices as online but without shipping costs.

We are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM and from 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

Here are some directions to get to the store:

  • Take the A68 highway towards Albi or take the Albi road (this will take you through L’Union, St Jean, Castelmaurou, Garidech, and Montastruc).
  • Then take exit 3 and continue on the D888 towards MONTASTRUC-LA-CONSEILLÈRE.
  • At the entrance of MONTASTRUC-LA-CONSEILLÈRE, take the left exit (near Lidl).
  • France Aspiration is located at the bottom of the street on the left-hand side.”



How to find an invoice?

An automatic confirmation email is sent after each order placement. This email contains the package number as well as a direct link to your customer account where you can view your invoice.

All your invoices are available in your customer account, allowing you to view and print them at any time.


Who installs a ventilation system?

There are several types of mechanical ventilation, and they do not all require the same installation process.

Installing a single-flow mechanical ventilation system is easier than installing a double-flow mechanical ventilation system. If you have some DIY skills, it is entirely possible to perform the installation yourself. Otherwise, you can seek assistance from a local electrician.

What types of ducts should be used?

There are several types of ducts :

  • Flexible ducts: They are flexible, easy to handle, and available at attractive prices.
  • Rigid plastic ducts: They are durable and do not crush easily. They help avoid pressure losses.
  • Insulated flexible ducts: They are more expensive but provide insulation against condensation in the ducts and prevent heat loss (used in double-flow fresh air systems).
  • Semi-rigid metal ducts: They are commonly used in external exhaust hoods.
  • Rigid metal ducts: They are primarily used in buildings and offices.

Tips for using ventilation ducts:

  • hey must not be crushed or cracked
  • They must be tense
  • They must have the strictly necessary length between each mouth
  • They must form large radius bends
How to create an outdoor air exhaust?
  • As a general rule, the outdoor air exhaust is typically done through the roof using a special VMC roof vent with a minimum free passage section of 200 cm².
  • The use of tile sleeve vents is highly discouraged, if not prohibited, as they create excessive resistance to the airflow.
  • The special VMC roof vent replaces an existing tile or slate and is sealed with a lead sheet for proper waterproofing.
  • The roof vent should be located no more than 3 meters away from the ventilation exhaust.
  • In certain cases, the air outlet can be done through the facade or gable end of the building.
The air inlets: are their roles crucial?

These are critical components of the ventilation system. Their quantity and placement are strategic. Since air naturally flows through areas with the least resistance, it is important to have the right number of air inlets to ensure optimal air exchange.

If the number of air inlets is insufficient or poorly positioned, proper air circulation throughout the living space will not occur, resulting in the formation of mold and condensation in areas without air inlets.

Similarly, if the door between the garage and the living space is not airtight, air will primarily pass through that area.

The installation of air inlets on windows and doors requires special attention.


The electrical circuit breaker trips when I turn on the ventilation. What should I do?

In this situation, it is important to check if the ventilation motor is not blocked.

The ventilation does not start or has stopped working. What should I do?

If your ventilation system does not start, the issue may be related to the circuit breaker.

For double-flow systems, error messages or fault codes are visible on the remote control.

Safety measures

Ventilation and gas boiler

Ventilation systems for gas boilers are specifically designed for the extraction of combustion products. We strongly recommend having the installation and maintenance performed by a professional.


Air exhaust in attic spaces


The air discharged by the ventilation system contains moisture. Releasing this moisture into the attic can contaminate the roof insulation and significantly degrade its effectiveness over time.

A ventilation unit with uncontrolled exhaust is much noisier than a properly connected system.

Where to place air inlets in a dwelling?

The air inlets should not be placed in humid rooms such as the bathroom, toilet, or kitchen, as these rooms require extraction of stale air.

Therefore, the air inlets should be placed in dry rooms such as bedrooms and the living room.

Sealing of the dwelling's doors

Air should be able to circulate under the doors. It is therefore advisable to leave a gap of approximately 1 cm under all doors that lead to rooms in the dwelling, with the exception of the door communicating with the garage and the front door, which should be as airtight as possible.

Never stop mechanical ventilation.

Manually stopping a mechanical ventilation system should never be done, as it can lead to the buildup of moisture in the dwelling. However, it is possible to reduce the speed of the ventilation system.


What is the optimal warranty?

Our optimal warranty allows you to return any product that doesn’t meet your expectations free of charge within 15 days of receiving your order. We can then offer you an exchange, a store credit, or a refund.

The terms and conditions of the warranty :

  • This offer is valid only once per order.
  • The cost is set at 2.5% of the total order amount excluding taxes. The amount can range from €1 excluding taxes to €12.5 excluding taxes.
  • The optimal warranty option is automatically checked in the shopping cart. If you do not wish to avail of it, you must uncheck the box.