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ALDES-KIT EasyHOME AUTO COMPACT ColorLINE, single flow self-regulating ventilation system. extra-flat extraction unit + 1 ColorLINE Ø125 kitchen extract unit and 2 ColorLINE Ø80 sanitary extract units.11026036.

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Product description

  • Self-adjusting single flow ventilation kit.
  • Construction: recyclable plastic materials.
  • Equipment: 1 Ø125 spigot for connection to kitchen extract unit, 4 Ø80 spigots for connection to sanitary extract units (bath or WC) and 1 Ø160 connection for external discharge (Ø160/125 adaptor supplied for Ø125 discharge). Air flows are automatically regulated at each connection.
  • Intended use: Replacement of an existing self-regulating single flow ventilation system.
  • Installation: Mounted using 6 silent blocks on a wall, ceiling or partition support, quick-connect electrical terminal board.
  • White ColorLINE aesthetic extract units.

Product benefits :

  • Self-adjusting single flow ventilation kit
  • Automatic airflow regulation
  • Aesthetic extract units


  • 1 single flow extraction unit
  • 1 ColorLINE Ø125 kitchen extract unit
  • 2 ColorLINE Ø80 sanitary extract units 1 unit suspension
  • 1 reduction 160/125


  • Model: kit EasyHOME AUTO COMPACT + ColorLINE
  • Brand : ALDES
  • Supplier reference: 11026036
  • Maximum power consumption in auto/boost mode: 14W/26W
  • Average consumption for an F4 dwelling (1 kitchen + 1 bath + 1 WC): 14W Th-C
  • Voltage: 230 V 50 Hz single-phase
  • Maximum current: 2 A
  • Unit rating: IPX2
  • Dimensions: 460 x 460 x 187 mm
  • Sound pressure at kitchen outlet: Color line outlet > or equal to 26 dB(A)


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