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ALDES-PACK humidity sensitive ventilation B EasyHome HYGRO Prémium MW . 1 kitchen extract unit, 1 bath extract unit and 1 toilet extract unit with presence detection + 24 m of insulated duct. 2-year warranty.

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Product description

  • Single flow extract unit with low consumption engine, for humidity sensitive extract units.
  • Position in lost attic space.
  • Construction: recyclable plastic materials.
  • Equipment: 1 Ø125 connection for kitchen extract unit, 5 Ø80 connections for sanitary extract units (bath or WC) and 1 Ø160 connection for external discharge.
  • The air flows are automatically regulated by the extract units according to the indoor humidity.
  • Target market: Replacement of existing humidity sensitive single flow CMV system in the existing and new market.
  • Installation: Suspended mounting with cord supplied, electrical terminal board with quick connections.
  • BAHIA Curve extract units

Product benefits :

  • Humidity sensitive single flow ventilation
  • Low consumption engine
  • 2-year warranty


  • 1 single flow extract unit with low consumption MicroWatt engine, for humidity sensitive extract units.
  • 1 C21 push Ø125 kitchen extract unit + sleeve
  • 1 B21 Ø80 bath extract unit + sleeve
  • 1 W13 Ø80 WC extract unit + sleeve
  • 1 group suspension
  • 1 easyclip spigot Ø125
  • 2 easyclip Ø80 outlets
  • 1 easyclip Ø160 spigot
  • 3 Ø80 plugs
  • 1 Ø80 mm insulated duct in 12 m cardboard box
  • 1 glass wool insulated PVC duct Ø125 mm
  • 1 Ø160 mm glass wool insulated PVC duct
  • 4 cable ties Ø80 mm
  • 2 cable ties Ø125 mm
  • 1 Ø160 mm wire collar
  • 1 x 50 m aluminium adhesive roll
  • Note: To connect additional extract units, order the easyclip spigots corresponding to the number of extract units added to this composition (ref spigot for Ø80 VC383 code aldes 11033011).


  • Model: pack VMC hygroréglable B EasyHome HYGRO Prémium MW
  • Brand: ALDES
  • Maximum power consumption: 35W
  • Average consumption for an F4 dwelling (1 kitchen + 1 bath + 1 WC): 7.3W Th-C
  • Voltage: 230 V 50 Hz single-phase
  • Maximum current: 0.25 A
  • Unit rating: IPX2
  • Weight of unit alone: 2.7 kg
  • Acoustic pressure at kitchen inlet: measured at 2 m
  • BAHIA Curve > or equal to 31dB(A)


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