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Oblique cross in galvanised steel 45° - diameter of your choice

Between 39,83 incl tax
and 69,00 incl tax
Delivery in 24/48 hours

Payment in 3x without fees available for any order of 350€incl tax or more.

Brand :  ALDES
Ref. : P_VC808
Product variations available
Reference Variations Price Stock Quantity Action
VC808 Ø80-80 mm
45,00 incl tax
In stock
VC810 Ø100-80 mm
57,00 incl tax
In stock
VC809 Ø100-100 mm
39,83 incl tax
In stock
VC813 Ø125-80 mm
51,00 incl tax
In stock
VC811 Ø125-125 mm
49,50 incl tax
In stock
VC817 Ø160-80 mm
51,00 incl tax
In stock
VC815 Ø160-125 mm
49,00 incl tax
In stock
VC814 Ø160-160 mm
59,00 incl tax
In stock
VC822 Ø200-80 mm
39,90 incl tax
In stock
VC707 Ø200-125 mm
48,00 incl tax
In stock
VC783 Ø200-160 mm
61,50 incl tax
In stock
VC818 Ø200-200 mm
69,00 incl tax
In stock

Product description

Oblique cross for branching a duct into 3 branches at 45°, used to distribute the air flows of the ventilation system or chimney heat recovery unit in two opposite directions and one initial direction.

Applications: Ventilation or heat recovery systems. Connects to a flexible or rigid metal network.


  • Model: 45° oblique cross
  • Brand: ALDES
  • Material: galvanised
  • Diameter: Ø A (of your choice) x Ø B (of your choice) mm


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