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Infinity BC Ultra-quiet humidity sensitive single flow ventilation kit, T1-T7 housing with battery-operated extract unit kit, NATHER 990587

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Product description

Made in France, the INFINITY humidity sensitive CMV housing has been designed with an eye for detail. Its primary objective is to reconcile the needs of the specifier, installer and user.
Innovative and clever, with very low energy consumption and the lowest noise level on the market, the INFINITY humidity sensitive housing is the “must have” for ventilation in residential housing!


  • 1 Infinity BC low consumption Ultra silent unit
  • 1 Alizé HYGRO TEMPO kitchen extract unit with batteries (3 v) 10/45/135 HCP05 Ø125, Anjos 1715
  • 1 Alizé TEMPO WC battery-operated (3 v) 5/30 TWVP Ø80, Anjos 9971
  • 1 Plug Alizé HYGRO Bathroom 10/40 HB02 Ø80, Anjos 9907
  • 1 Plasterboard sleeve 3 claws Ø 125, L. 100 mm, Anjos 1794
  • 2 Plasterboard sleeve 3 claws with joint Ø80, L. 100 mm, Anjos 1449


  • Very low consumption AC engine: from 20.7 W Th-C
  • Very low noise level: 31.2 dB(A)
  • Optimised air renewal for a healthy, comfortable home


  • Safe 360° ducts: rotating, multi-directional and airtight
  • Maximum space between ducts
  • Double seals: ducts held together without clamps or adhesives


  • Configurable up to 6 bathrooms, from T1 to T7 and more, Hygro A and B
  • Multi-directional spigots
  • Interchangeable plugs and spigots


  • Multi-position installation, suspended or wall and ceiling mounted
  • Extremely compact housing: 22 cm high
  • Open & Connect” hatch: secures and simplifies electrical connection without tools

Product benefits :

  • QB certified (formerly CSTBat)
  • Low-energy BC engine
  • Complies with RT 2012 and RE 2020
  • Up to 16% heating savings
  • The quietest on the market
  • Multi-position installation, ideal for small spaces


  • Model: Infinity BC low consumption humidity sensitive single flow ventilation Ultra silent + battery-operated extract unit kit
  • Brand : NATHER
  • Supplier reference: 990587
  • Configurable up to 6 bathrooms, from T1 to T7 and more, Hygro A and B
  • System covered by Technical Notice N°14.5/17-2283
  • Low-consumption engine: from 20.7 W Th-C
  • Ultra-quiet: 31.2 dB(A) at the kitchen air outlet
  • Safe 360° spigots: rotating, multidirectional and sealed
  • Maximum space between ducts
  • Compact housing: 22 cm high, ideal for small spaces
  • Simplified electrical connection with “Open & Connect” connection flap
  • Multi-position installation, suspended in the attic or fixed to the wall or ceiling


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