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DucoBox Silent FR HY, DUCO 0000-4590 single flow CMV kit with accessories

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Product description

DucoBox Silent : The hygrovariable single-flow CMV for simple renovation!

DucoBox Silent FR is the hygrovariable single-flow CMV for simple renovation. Low energy consumption thanks to the silent, modulating EC motor.
Fresh air is supplied and stale air extracted automatically.
Air flow rates are adjusted according to humidity levels detected by built-in sensors.

Product benefits :

  • Hygrovariable single-flow CMV
  • Quiet, low-consumption MODULANT EC motor
  • Airflow adjustment based on humidity measurement (and optional CO2) via integrated sensors
  • Indoor air quality GUARANTEED thanks to continuous, reliable and precise electronic measurement
  • 7 x Ø 125mm outlets + Ø 125mm/Ø 80mm reducers
  • Ø 160mm discharge spigot
  • Compatible with all types of duct


  • 1 x DucoBox Silent FR
  • 4 x Ø 125 mm plug
  • 1 x Suspension cord
  • 1 x Silent Plus kit
  • 2 x Reducer Ø 125 mm / Ø 80 mm
  • 1 x DucoVent Auréa mouth Ø125mm (Kitchen)
  • 2 x DucoVent Auréa Ø80mm air vents (Sanitary)
  • 1 x Integrated humidity sensor h2o
  • 1 x Plasterboard sleeve 3 claws Ø 125 mm
  • 2 x Plasterboard sleeve 3 claws Ø 80 mm


  • Model: CMV kit with DucoBox Silent FR HY single-flow accessories
  • Brand : DUCO
  • Supplier reference: DUCO 0000-4590
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 485 mm
  • Height: 187 mm
  • Depth : 485 mm


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