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Adjustable airflow regulators from 15 to 50m3/h Ø80

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Brand :  ANJOS
Ref. : VB838
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Product description

The air flow rate regulator is used to obtain a stable, calibrated air flow rate, for return or supply air (supply air returns the regulator), in controlled mechanical ventilation systems.

It is an automatic airflow rate regulator for extract units and terminals.


Before using the regulator, the airflow rate must be calibrated:

  • Loosen the locking screw on the adjustment module using a “torx n°10” screwdriver.
  • Adjust the reference mark on the module (located on the left or right) to the desired flow rate.
  • Retighten the adjustment module locking screw.

It is possible to obtain flow rates other than those indicated on the regulator by setting the adjustment module mark to an intermediate position.
Do not use with self-regulating extract units.
Adjustment range: 50-250 Pa.


  • The flow regulator is simply fitted inside the vertical or horizontal duct.
  • In a horizontal duct, observe the DOWN direction indicated on the front of the regulator.
  • A lip seal provides a watertight seal.
  • Do not handle or press on the movable damper (regulator element) during installation. It is essential to follow the airflow direction indicated on the sleeve.
  • When the regulator is associated with an air diffuser, the minimum distance between the diffuser and the regulator must be at least one diameter for extraction and three diameters for supply.


  • Model: adjustable airflow regulators from 15 to 50 m3/h
  • Diameter: Ø80 mm
  • The regulators are characterised by their sound power levels Lw expressed in dB(A).
  • Automatic airflow regulator for extract units and terminals.
  • Ventilation networks (not suitable for chimney heat recovery systems).


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