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Single Flow Humidity Controlled MODULO 2 R-Control 2V very low energy consumption, NATHER 551950

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Product description

Designed to renew the air in your home, the MODULO 2 R-Control 2V, combined with specific extract units, constantly adapts the airflow rates to be extracted according to the hygrometry and the presence of residents.
It greatly reduces heat loss due to air renewal and reduces electricity consumption to a strict minimum.
It is suitable for all types of home, from 2- to 7-bedroom apartments with 1 kitchen and up to 6 bathrooms.
Ideal for low energy consumption houses, it is mainly installed in the attic.

Product benefits :

  • QB certified (formerly CSTBat)
  • System covered by Technical Notice N°14.5/17-2283_V1
  • Universal group from T2 to T7, from 2 to 6 bathrooms, Hygro A and B
  • Specially adapted for RT 2012
  • Very low power consumption (8.8 to 18.3 W Th-C)
  • Up to 16% heating savings
  • Very quiet: 33.7 dB(A) at the kitchen vent
  • Easy to install


  • Model : VMC Simple Flux Hygroréglable MODULO 2 R-Control 2V – Unit only
  • Brand : NATHER
  • Supplier reference : 551950
  • Casing in recyclable polypropylene plastic
  • Electronically commutated engine with automatic speed variation
  • Safety thermocontact
  • Centrifugal impeller specially developed for humidity sensitive ventilation applications


  • 1 x kitchen return spigot Ø 125
  • 4 x Ø 80 washroom return spigots (can be interchanged with plugs and double spigot for the 6 washroom version)
  • 1 x Ø 160 exhaust spigot to the outside
  • Sheath hooks on all outlets


  • Suspension cord for quick installation in attics
  • Outlets can be removed with a 1/4 turn and replaced with plugs
  • Product held and sealed by duct clips
  • Air connection via flexible ducts up to T7/6 with guaranteed performance (no need to use rigid ducts)
  • Ergonomic electrical connection hatch


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